*Prices may change without notice.


Can I use my own caterer?

Yes, You are responsible for your own caterer, and all other vendors (florist, cake, music,ect.).

Does Rinesdi allow alcohol?

Rinesdi does allow alcohol but not brown bagging. It is the client's responsibility to provide alcohol by the drink and provide a pourer.

What does your pricing include?

Pricing includes: a 12-hour or 48-hour rental, tables, chairs included up to 250 guest. (See package above)

When is the full payment due?

Full payment is due 30 days before the event.

Is there a bride's room?

Yes we have a bride's room.

When can we get into the venue?

If you rent the venue for one day you receive the keys at 7 am the day of the event. If you need access before that, there will be an additional cost of $75.00 per hours.

Does Rinesdi require a security deposit?
Yes a $300.00 advance is required at time of booking to secure your dates. 

The advancement is non-refundable because it is a portion of the rental cost. Rinsedi does not require a security deposit to cover clean up and any damages during the event. The client's are responsible to make sure the entire venue is cleaned, and for any damage  client's are financial responsible for any damages done during thier event.

Are there music requirements?.

Yes we require that music be brought to a minimum level at 10:00 pm and ends at 11:00pm.


Who is responsible for cleanup?

The client is responsible for clean up. 

There is a dumpster located an the rear of the venue all trash from the kitchen, pavilion and the grounds should be picked up and placed in the dumpster.

 What are the client's responsibility?

It is the client's overall responsibility to make sure that all policys are enforced during the rental period and to make sure that the venue is  cleaned and cared for, including all other vendors such as, florist, dj's, decorators, and to make sure caterers clean kitchen after use. The client's  is  also responsible for making sure the grounds, pavilion, brides room, and restroom are clean.

Who is responsible for guest safety?

The client is responsible for the safety

 of all  guests attending your special event if you are serving acholic beverages and feel that you need security it is your responsibility.