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Although there are numerous venues located in Laurens County, the uniqueness of Rinesdi surpasses all expectations. Rinesdi transforms yours special day into a "HAPPY EVER AFTER Walk" down the aisle. Rinesdi patrons are provided with the experience of indulging in an exclusive, harmonious, and intimately romantic setting that is pure rustic with a twist of elegance. If one can imagine walking down a gorgeous grassy threshold to a lavish decorated gazebo, then look no farther, Rinesdi is the Venue for you.


At Rinesdi, the perfect setting is provided for your nuptial celebration. Guest can Celebrate indoors in a rustic restored barn that accommodates 55 Or more persons. Guest can also celebrate outdoors under a leviathan pavilion that accommodates more persons. Don't forget to take advantage of the well manicured grounds that can be utilized to continue the celebration.   


Please take the liberty to view and enjoy the Rinesdi website.  After viewing the website, we would appreciate it if you would let us know how we are doing. You may correspond with us by emailing us at   

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Mission Statement:

To be the catalyst by which couples in love can unite in holy matrimony at an affordable price.


Don't let rinesdi reasonable prices deter you. Rinesdi ranks at the top among rustic out - door venues around the country.



When asked the question " what set your venue apart from other venues? Most other venue owners will say the same thing such as great service, or clean restrooms etc. Rinesdi don't just talk, we prove it in our actions. It's not what we say it's what we do.


1. Availability: We are always available to serve you the customer anytime you call upon us no matter what time we are available to serve you. One of our staff is always available during your event to handle any issues that may arise. You are never alone. After all we work for you.

2. Superior Service: When you rent Rinesdi Banquets & Events you are not just renting a venue you are renting a team, A team that becomes a part of your extended family to ensure that you receive the best quality services in a clean environment. We will match any venue in the country, all at an affordable price. 

3. Trustworthy: Trustworthy and reputation are two things that were drilled into me in the military. And we still believe today a person word is his/her bond. My wife and I have lived in Dublin and Laurens County most of our adult lives. We have a solid reputation of being truthful and honest just ask any valued customer that has known us and have booked our venue, and they will tell you that you can trust us and our word is our bond. Word-of-mouth is the most powerful form of testament.

4. Convenience: You can't find a more convenient location in the middle Georgia area. Conveniently located 1 mile from interstate I-16, 3 miles from all of Dublin/Laurens County luxurious lodging, and some of what is "Truly the best restaurants in town" Just 

Two hour drive from Atlanta, two hours from Savannah's Historic District, three hours drive from Jacksonville Fl.

5. Fine Dining: And if you seek a superior dining venue... if you are in town for the ceremony and weary of a place to relax and have a great meal with impeccable service, that feature authentic Italian cuisine and a selection of fine wines... or if you are that special couple just united and are searching for a romantic fine dining experience. Look no farther than rural Dublin Farm comes home to the country. Just off the beaten path, only a short drive from Rinsedi Banquets. The farm is open year-round, and three languages are spoken-English, Italian and German.

Or just a short drive to downtown Dublin where several of our restaurants has been featured in the culinary guide of "Georgia Eats 2018 editions" Company Supply, Tumpies's, Steakhouse, Deano's, Peter's Cafe, Coffee Shop, and Miller's Soul food.

6.Privacy: We care about and defend your privacy. Privacy is about respecting individuals and their rights to privacy. A person has a reasonable desire to keep something’s private. And some type of privacy matters to everyone: There's is nothing wrong with singing and dancing, drinking but you don't what to do it in publics places or downtown venues where everyone is watching, or your vehicle may be broken into in the parking lot while you are celebrating your special day. Rinesdi is located on 8.74 private wooded acres your privacy is ensured. 

7. Safety: Safety is one of those things that many venues take for granted until it's too late. After an injury or mishap has happened most of us wish we had had more safety procedures in place. When a guest is invited to your ceremony that guest has every right to be and feel safe. And as the lessee it is your responsibility to make sure every guest that attends your event is safe. Rinesdi also has a responsibility to make sure that everyone enter the premises are safe as well. Our policy is that anytime your event includes the serving of any alcoholic beverages the lessee will be required to have two off duty officers from the Laurens County Sheriff's department on duty. Contact: 478-272-1522 ext. 3142

8. Our Promise To You: We at Rinesdi  Rinesdi Banquets & Events promise to you that we will backs up all the above claim with action, everything we do is focused around how we can better serve you the customers. " We Promise" 


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